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Moving things – there’s no mystery

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Today was a highly motivated working bee with about 25 people coming together to work on the site and keep things moving along.

Big thanks to everyone who came who:

  1. Cleaned all the Church – pews and glass – we love the smell of a well-cleaned building – particularly the eucalyptus oil
  2. Tidied out the gardens – they are looking fantastic – great teamwork out there…
  3. Put away our Mary and Joseph pieces from high up the tower – big thanks to Gary for his work up the ladder
  4. Removed old carpets and cleaned out back rooms
  5. Filled the 8m skip with many obsolete bits and pieces – especially Tony (the leveller) Jones who made sure every last cubic millimetre was well used plus Lincoln and Mark
  6. Came and made morning tea to keep the team going…

It was a big morning and a great deal was achieved – how good to have the Church site being made ready for the Commissioning of Peter MacPherson on the 15th and showing that we care about God’s house…